Mobiquity Technologies (MOBQ.Q) to help bring crypto and NFTs to film?

Digitizing the Film Industry

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Mobiquity Technologies Inc. (MOBQ.Q) announced today that it has been selected by A-Nation as its data and programmatic advertising provider. To be more specific, the Company has been chosen to promote brand awareness for A-Nation’s cryptocurrency, NFTs, and upcoming motion picture releases. Just when I thought NFTs and crypto couldn’t get any worse, they are now weaseling their way into the film industry.

“We are thrilled to have been selected by A-Nation to promote their brand. We are excited to be a part of this groundbreaking model that can transform the film industry,” said Sean Trepeta, President of Mobiquity Networks.

For starters, what is A-Nation? According to the company’s website, A-Nation hopes to revolutionize the film industry, which has traditionally operated on a power-broker model utilizing large film studios. For context, a power broker refers to an individual or entity with the ability to influence the decisions of other parties through personal and professional connections as opposed to public means. In other words, the popular kid in the room.

With this in mind, A-Nation develops its own solutions through film finance, vertical integration, cost-savings, middlemen reduction, faster payments, piracy protection, and reclamation of one’s privacy. As if in opposition, A-Nation is on a mission to create a future with greater opportunities for filmmakers of all levels to “monetize their creativity.” Here’s the interesting part.

A-Nation bridges the traditional film industry with blockchain technology to build an ecosystem consisting of segments. These segments provide monetization for everything, including film production-related NFTs and a new blockchain enabling full implementation of this technology. Now that we have a basic understanding of A-Nation, let’s talk about Mobiquity. 


Mobiquity is a next-generation Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) company for data advertising. In case you didn’t know, a PaaS is a complete development and deployment environment in the cloud. A PaaS offers resources that enable the delivery of applications. In addition to servers, storage, and networking, PaaS provides the following services:

  • middleware
  • development tools
  • business intelligence (BI)
  • database management

Mobiquity also maintains one of the largest audience databases available to advertisers and marketers through its data services division. That being said, the Company will play a pivotal role in promoting A-Nation’s brand awareness. Speaking of A-Nation, Kade Vu, a crypto entrepreneur, has recently begun working with Chuck Russel, a film industry veteran with over 25 years of experience and the Chairman of A-Nation.

“We are very fortunate to have found a partner like Mobiquity to help build awareness around our tokens, NFTs, and films. We believe Mobiquity’s robust platform for data and advertising combined with their proprietary Crypto-Core and Crypto-Curious segments will help us reach our target audience more effectively,” said Chuck Russell, Chairman of A-Nation.

Together, the pair intend to utilize crypto to “propel filmmaking to a decentralized future.” While I don’t know the first thing about Kade Vu, Chuck Russell is credited for directing The Mask, an iconic film featuring Jim Carrey. With this in mind, Russel will apply his knowledge of film to A-Nation while the company itself will offer NFTs directly related to characters, cast, behind-the-scenes, a day on set, and the red carpet.

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Mobiquity’s share price opened at $2.65 today, up from a previous close of $1.62. The Company’s shares were up 44% and were trading at $2.33 as of 11:11 AM EST.

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