ALSET Capital (KSUM.V) announces strategic partnership with NOM NOM AI Inc

ALSET Capital Inc. (KSUM.V) is an investment issuer that is focused on investment in diversified industries such as technology, healthcare, industrial, special situations, operating businesses through both debt and equity using cash resources or shares in its capital. ALSET Capital is uniquely positioned in the burgeoning AI industry through its 49.0% stake in Cedarcross International Technologies Inc., a company harnessing the power of NVIDIA’s cutting-edge H100 GPUs. This investment places ALSET at the forefront of the AI cloud computing hardware sector, offering significant growth potential in a market driven by insatiable demand for advanced computational capabilities.

ALSET, through Cedarcross, aims to democratize access to these powerful computing resources by leasing them to enterprise clients, a business model that not only meets the growing demand for AI computing but also expects high profitability with gross margins on its compute leasing business unit projected at approximately 80%, and a hardware payback period of about 1.5 years.

Today, ALSET Capital announced its investee company, Vertex AI Ventures Inc. has entered into a strategic AI data engineering and automation partnership with Nom Nom AI Inc.

Nom Nom is a pioneer in data engineering, security, and automation as a service. Their knowledge and expertise provides innovative solutions that leverage artificial intelligence to streamline operations, reduce operational and capital expenses, and ensure businesses maintain a competitive edge in today’s data-rich environment. With data volumes reaching unprecedented levels, the demand for sophisticated analytics and scalable solutions has never been more urgent. Nom Nom’s expertise in managing, integrating, and automating vast datasets positions them as a cornerstone in the evolving landscape of data management and artificial intelligence. Nom Nom seamlessly integrates hardware with their software capabilities, granting clients comprehensive access to data insights through their user-friendly interface. Vertex clients will also gain an intuitive interface that enhances their understanding of data.

“This partnership marks a significant milestone for Vertex as we seek to drive innovation in managed data services and AI.” said Niko Kontogiannis, Director of Vertex. “Nom Nom’s expertise perfectly complements our offerings seamlessly, enabling us to deliver exceptional value to clients. By integrating Nom Nom’s patent pending data management technology, we are uniquely positioned to cultivate long-term client relationships by enhancing data quality, security and infrastructure performance.”

“Our collaboration with Vertex represents a significant step forward in our mission to revolutionize data engineering, security, automation and AI optimization”, said Nam Nguyen CEO of Nom Nom. “By leveraging Nom Nom’s proprietary data solutions, Vertex is poised to deliver unparalleled value to businesses, driving innovation and efficiency in today’s data-driven world.”

The partnership between Vertex and Nom Nom is expected to bring forth a myriad of benefits for future clients, including enhanced data observability, insights, optimization of machine performance, and real-time analytics for clients, particularly those utilizing Alset’s portfolio companies’ AI computing infrastructure.

The collaboration between Vertex and Nom Nom underscores the transformative power of AI in reshaping industries and driving efficiency. As organizations increasingly turn to automation and AI technologies to eliminate human error and streamline operations, data security remains paramount. This partnership addresses these critical needs, empowering businesses to operate with confidence in a secure and compliant digital environment.

For more information on ALSET Capital and the investment opportunity, be sure to check out Chris Parry’s recent article here.

TSXV_DLY:KSUM Chart Image by Uncharted-FX

The stock is flat on the news at time of writing.

The stock has been in a new uptrend beginning in February 2024. We have our first higher low confirmed at $0.225. Now, the stock is pulling back after printing higher highs. We are now contained within a flag pattern. Await for a daily candle close above the upper portion of this trendline to confirm a breakout. A close below $0.225 would nullify the upwards momentum.

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