Neptune Dash Technologies (DASH.V) hunkers down during coronavirus, releases shares for debt

All the focus so far has been on Bitcoin’s price cratering earlier this week due to the coronavirus, and the fates of bitcoin dependent companies. Naturally, as bitcoin goes so do the altcoins, with most of the charts of the decentralized altcoins showing the same stark decline as Bitcoin. They’re nearly identical in shape with only the values changed to reflect the various cap sizes and prices, so there’s no need to post all five.

Blockchain moves to Proof of Business: HIVE, UPCO, LTV, BLOC, VHI, DASH, KASH on a hard climb

When the first blockchain profit party ended last December, and companies that had been on an absolute tear of upward multiples began to turn the wrong way, few in the industry seemed too bothered about it all. Blockchain execs on the public market largely shrugged, some admitting there had been too fast of a run and a turnaround was healthy, others suggesting they could use a breather to get their businesses to catch up to their valuations, others still saying they would be buying on the cheap in preparation for the next charge.