Global Cannabis Applications (APP.C) expands blockchain offering Citizen Green to medical cannabis

Authenticity comes part and parcel with any blockchain package. The simple fact is that whatever you put on the blockchain stays there, warts and all. If you’ve forgotten to cross your t’s and dot your i’s then twelve years from now anyone auditing the block is going to find out. That can be scary for some companies who may have a fear of appearing incompetent, but for those in the know, it signals a company that’s probably doing their best to remain on the up-and-up.

In the case of Global Cannabis Applications (APP.C), their Citizen Green software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering sells access to the blockchain to cannabis companies looking to provide that extra badge of authenticity to their product. What they cover is the lifecycle of the cannabis plant—from seed to sale to bong-hit—in case there are any lingering questions about the specifics of the weed you’re buying.

The company makes money on a monthly subscription basis, pushing their SaaS into the arms of cannabis companies looking to take advantage of the variety of authenticity that blockchain brings, to the tune of $199 per month. It includes a Know Your Customer “KYC” service, QR code generation and other software services.

Now they’ve expanded the Citizen Green SaaS license to include the full medical cannabis product life cycle. The new SaaS licenses, themselves expansions of the present cultivator SaaS license, now include independent laboratories, medical cannabis vendors and authorized retailers.

The expanded Citizen Green SaaS licensing is comprised of:

  • Laboratory SaaS : for independent labs to attest to medical cannabis test results;
  • Distributor SaaS : for wholesale distributors to attest to their participation in the shipping, handling, forwarding and customs clearance of medical cannabis packages;
  • Retailer SaaS : for vendors of medical cannabis to create Citizen Green product-lifecycle QR codes for their retail packaging, in order to generate efficacy data from consumers;

The Efixii-branded smartphone app is the newest component of the Citizen Green group of technologies. It collects the medical cannabis lifecycle-data from other SaaS licensees as well as customers. It’s free for consumers and includes a built-in rewards system complaint with the Canadian Cannabis Act “Inducements” regulation. Essentially, it gives consumers the tools they need to make informed decisions about the drugs they’re putting in their bodies.

“I chose the brand Efixii because I believe it reflects our commitment to creating better outcomes for medical cannabis consumers by truthfully acquiring product efficacy data. Medical cannabis lacks comprehensive clinical trials for a variety of reasons. Efixii draws efficacy responses into the public domain for cannabis cultivators, healthcare practitioners, and especially new consumers to understand the benefits of medical cannabis for them. An informed decision is so much better than a guess, and without trials or efficacy data, then we are all just guessing which cultivator’s product might work best for us and our families,” said Brad Moore, CEO of GCAC.

You can find updated information about the SaaS licensing details on their site, and its sales team will provide a pre-release of Efixii to interested in parties on a first come first serve basis.

—Joseph Morton

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