Graph Blockchain (GBLC.C) wants to give artists a fair shake with minted NFT

Graph Blockchain (GBLC.C) subsidiary Niftable inked a partnership agreement with Whitby Arts (operating in this case as Station Gallery), and will help Station create non-fungible tokens (NFT), as well as advise on the marketing strategy, NFT sale and postsale of NFTs.

The company is going to be working on their first collaborative piece with Niftable during the summer. Station Gallery will be responsible for finding both the artists and the artwork to be minted. The overall mission is to use the power of arts and culture to educate, connect and inspire communities.

“We are extremely happy to have Station Gallery as a partner and help guide them through the NFT world. We continue to hold that NFTs are a new venue for charities to access for fundraising. Furthermore, we look forward to showcasing some of the artists and artwork from Station Gallery this summer,” said Michael Yeung, president of Niftable.

This fits in well with Graph’s business model of providing shareholders exposure to various aspects of decentralized finance. They’re primarily focused on delivering access to altcoins through their proof-of-work focused Babbage Mining subsidiary, and Beyond the Moon, their platform for decentralized exchanges, but Niftable and their investment in New World deals exclusively with NFTs.

“We welcome Station Gallery as one of our partners for Niftable. We are excited for them to get into the NFT world. With another charity onboard, we continue to believe that the charity space for NFTs is a massive opportunity for our shareholders,” said Paul Haber, chief executive officer of the company.

The company also intends to assist the One Body Village charity launch their next NFT by the end of the month. Niftable contends that NFTs and the crypto markets are showing stability and timing would be ideal for a second NFT launch. Sure.

One Body Village Canada is a registered charity that provides help and support in the forms of shelter, education, medical care, psychological counselling and vocational training to child survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation in Southeast Asia since 2012. The Canadian cohort works is a partner of the founding charity, called One Body Village, that’s been protecting children since 1999.

One Body Village Canada released and sold their first NFT earlier this year.

—Joseph Morton

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