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The sky is falling so where is all the money going if not into bitcoin

Bitcoin is supposed to be a safe-haven currency. When the markets go to shit like they are today, in theory people evacuate their traditional positions and throw their money into digital currencies and other adjacent crypto-related stock, like bitcoin mining or one of the many digital asset companies offering the proximity and benefits of bitcoin without any of the hassle of actually owning any.

NetCents Technology’s (NC.C) European vacation tries to steer away from adversarial markets

The progress for cryptocurrency markets in North America has benefited so far from the lax regulatory environment. It allowed most of the major coins to slip under the radar of the major powers here, with only a handful of exceptions where the United States had to take a closer look. The relationship now that Facebook (FB.Q) has forced the government’s hand is now adversarial, ranging from benign contempt to outright hostility. The European markets are different.